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Khatian Print provides Printing, Packaging, Publishing, Printing goods and Printing products locally and globally. It is an enthusiastic and committed Printing Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Quality and Service is the key factors in its success.

Khatian Print has the premium option for everyone including small, medium and heavy business owners with major printing needs. Our staff carefully manages each stage of a job. We provide premium standards of service and outstanding quality.

We are constantly determined to find new ways of bringing our unique vision and capabilities to groups and individuals everywhere in the World. We specialize in Press printing (Offset printing, Printing press) and have many years experience in this Sector. Our aim is to make your printing jobs as easy and hassle free as possible.

Khatian Print produce printed materials for Commercial and Personal use. All your orders are produced in a production hub that is equipped with the latest Technology to ensure the best quality for your products. We use Quality Ink, Paper and Materials.

Khatian Print manufactures, supplies and exports Book, Booklet, Magazine, Newsletter, Notebook, Notepad, Calendar, Diary, Flyer, Brochure, Prospectus, Catalog, Poster, Leaflet, Letterhead, Envelop, Business card, Sales Literature, Marketing Materials, Office File, Shopping Bag, Greetings card and more... | product list | .

When you choose Khatian Print, you will work closely with one of our customer service representative to get everything right. This includes a complete review of your job. We work hard to make our Buyer Experience as smooth and stress free as possible. We invite you to drop us a line about how Khatian Print can be a part of your success.

  • Affordable prices and Easy Ordering
  • Friendly Atmosphere
  • Leading experts approach
  • Fast and trusty service
  • Reliable and committed
  • On-time product Delivery
Khatian Print welcomes you and ensures the best services and co-operation at all time.