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Medium Common Cartons
Packaging Cartons Box
Shipment Box Carton
General Supply Cartons
Usual File Carton Box
Medium Document Cartons
Average Grocery Carton Box
Typical Envelope Cartons
Everyday Cartons Boxes
Ordinary Box Cartons
Customary Carton Boxes
Traditional Boxes Carton
A Flute Shipping Cartons
B Flutes Supply Carton
C Flute Transport Cartons
Micro Flute Shipment Carton
3 Ply Carton Boxes
5 Plies Transport Cartons
3 Layer Carrier Carton
5 Layers Shipping Cartons
Kraft Paper Board Cartons
Distribution Cartons
Take Away Cartons
Take Out Carton Box
Buying Carton Boxes
Parcel Cartons Pack
Everyday Carton Boxes
Ordinary Cartons Box
Customary Carton Pack
Export Carton Boxes
Ecommerce Shop Carton
Corrugated Cardboard Carton
Online Shop Carton
Super Shop Cartons
Shipping Carton Boxes
Library Carton Box
Shop Parcel Cartons
Pasteboard Carton Boxes
Linerboard Box Carton
Plain Loose Carton Boxes
Storage Carton Box
Stock Extended Cartons
Rectangle Carton Box
Square Box Cartons
Round Takeaway Carton
Circle Carton Box
Triangle Package Carton
Pentagon Carton Box
Hexagon Box Carton
Octagon Carton Packages
Tabloid Size Carrier Carton
Export Box Cartons
Retail Carton Packets
Traditional Cartons Packet
Moving Carton Package
Mailing Carton Box
Cloth Box Carton Packet
Delivery Karton Packs
Medium Paperboards Boxes
Custom Size Delivery Carton
Customize Carton Box
Customized Box Cartons
Archive Box Carton
Personalize Carton Boxes
Personalized Shipping Carton
Cardboard Carton Box
Fiberboard Box Cartons
Glossy Paperboard Carton
Craft Paperboard Carton
Paperboard Transport Carton
Paper Board Carton Boxes
Card Stock Parcel Carton
Cardstock Carton Boxes
Cover Stock Carrier Carton
Creative Carton Boxes
Contemporary Carton Box
Stylish Supply Carton
Modern Carton Boxes
Smart Shipping Cartons
Elegant Carton Boxes
Courier Carton Boxes
Office Cartons Box
Gift Carton Packet
Trendy Carton Package
Supply Cartons Case
Parcel Carton Cases
Normal Casing Cartons
Sale Package Cartons
Common Carton Packages
Wholesale Carton Box
Carton Boxes are industrially prefabricated Boxes, primarily used for packaging Goods and Materials. It is made by Cardboards usually, that is thicker and more durable than normal writing and printing paper. Corrugated fiberboard, Paperboard, Card stock, Cover stock, durable Pasteboard and thicker heavy paper materials are used to make Carton Boxes too.

Packaging Designers and Engineers work to meet the requirements of a Carton box to build it appropriately. Structural design, Printed contents, Labels and Graphic designs are the vital part of a Carton Box. We Khatian Print are a Carton Box manufacturer printer supplier Company.

Simply, a Carton is a Box or Container usually made of Cardboard or Paperboard. Many types of cartons are used in casing for commodities and things. Sometimes a carton is also called a Box. Khatian Print provides Carton Boxes from Dhaka Bangladesh BD.

Minimum Qty: NA
CB36, CB36E, CB63, CB63E, CB90 and CB90E Carton Boxes are available in ready stock.
Pack Offers
SL No. D e s c r i p t i o n Quantity Price (BDT)
MCB101 Carton Box | CB63
Size: 63
Media: Cardboard
Print : N/A
3000 Pcs
5000 Pcs
10000 Pcs
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MCB102 Carton Box | CB63E
Size: 63E
Media: Cardboard
Print : N/A
3000 Pcs
5000 Pcs
10000 Pcs
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MCB103 Carton Box | Custom
Size: N/A
Media: Cardboard
Print : N/A
3000 Pcs
5000 Pcs
10000 Pcs
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medium common packaging carton box average size gift cartons boxes | khatian print
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