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A Wedding Card is a letter asking the recipient to attend a wedding Ceremony. It is typically written in formal language and given a few days before the wedding date. It is the privilege and duty of mother of the bride on behalf of the bride's family like any other invitation to guest.

Wedding Invitation Cards are typically printed using engraving, embossing, cut out, wooden, metallic, fabric, lithography and printing technology with mixed media. Modern invitation design follows fashion trends. Invitations are generally chosen to match the couple's personal preferences, the level of formality of the event. The design of the invitation is becoming less and less traditional and more reflective of the couple's personality.
Pack Offers
Wedding Cards
SL No. D e s c r i p t i o n Quantity Price (tk)
WC101 Wedding Card . Artistic
Mixed Media
Craft Paper Board, Multicolored
Artwork / Sketch
Invitation, Sleeve and Envelope
@ 155.00 / 140.00 / 125.00 tk.
250 Pcs
500 Pcs
1000 Pcs
US $ 600.00
US $ 1000.00
US $ 1750.00
WC102 Wedding Card . Premium
Mixed Media
Craft Paperboard/Fabric/Artwork/Sketch
Multicolored / Special Ink Color / Ornament
Engraving / Emboss
Invitation, Sleeve and Envelope
@ 255.00 / 240.00 / 225.00 tk.
250 Pcs
500 Pcs
1000 Pcs
US $ 900.00
US $ 1700.00
US $ 3000.00
WC103 Wedding Card . Luxury
Mixed Media
Fine Craft Paper Board / Fabric / Wood / Metallic
Painting / Artwork / Sketch
Engraving / Emboss / Cut out
Multicolored / Featured Ink Colour / Ornament
Invitation, Sleeve and Envelope
@ 450.00 / 425.00 / 400.00 tk.
250 Pcs
500 Pcs
1000 Pcs
US $ 1600.00
US $ 2900.00
US $ 5400.00
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